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Our mission is to provide amazing treks, tours, and adventure trips with a strong commitment to environmentally responsible, sustainable, ethical, and socially conscious travel. During our trips, we make every effort to minimize negative impacts and maximize the benefits to the local people and natural environments we visit. We pay fair, livable wages, ensuring we hire and maintain the best guides and support staff. We are committed to international sustainable tourism guidelines and have developed ongoing community projects and charity events supporting 4+ local Andean communities.

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We pride ourselves on providing 5 star service before, during, and after your trip. PERU TREKKING CO. is dedicated to excellent customer service and adventure experiences.


QUALITY When trekking through rugged mountain terrain, at high altitudes, with unpredictable weather, it is essential to have the best equipment available. We provide 4 season tents (3 seasons for Inca Trail due to warmer weather), extra thick mattress pads, duffel bags for your overnight gear, and more to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.

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COSTS Our treks and tours are truly 5-star and all-inclusive. We do not charge extra to “upgrade” as we offer the best option included in the price already. There are no hidden meal costs, and we are transparent about all inclusions and no booking fees!


Our groups average about eight guests per departure and are typically a mix of solo travelers, friends traveling together, and couples of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. Come prepared to make lots of new best friends. If you book a custom/private large group, we provide one guide per eight travelers, ensuring a small group feel and specialized attention.

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Only the best quality ingredients are selected from local farmers. Our chefs prepare a specially designed menu to maximize energy and facilitate acclimatization.  And the dishes, a mix of traditional Peruvian cuisine and contemporary cuisines, are delicious too! And yes, we cater to any dietary need.


We can customize any trek or tour to suit your travel, fitness, budget, and time preferences. Have a corporate or work shindig, charity group, or other significant events you’d like to book a trek or tour for? Get in touch, and we can arrange everything for you!

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Our trips leave behind nothing but smiles and footprints, as it should be.


We love our planet, so we reduce, reuse and recycle. Our gear is reusable (no paper or plastic plates/cups/utensils), we buy local goods without paper/plastic wrapping, and we recycle everything we can. This is not the norm in Peru, but we hope to help it become the norm one day soon!

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All of our employees are passionate about what they do.

Who wouldn’t be with majestic mountains and never-ending vistas as your office?

We are proud to offer our guides and staff the highest wages.

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Guido Huamán Román

Lead Guide

Guido is originally from Santa Teresa, a very small district with an espectacular hot springs near by Machupicchu. Since he was a teenager he was very interested to being a guide because he used to work as a horseman in the Salkantay trek helping his father. He moved to Cusco city to study tourism in the university and finally he started working as a professional guide since 2012, leading groups in Cusco region. Nowadays he is very passionate in showing and sharing to the visitors his knowledge about ancient cultures and making unforgettable experiences.  He usually leads groups in English and French and he basically has explored nearly every corner of Cusco’s region.  

Perutrekkingco It is a dream embodied in an agency to be able to continue creating and making your trip to Peru wonderful.


* Favorite Trek: Ausangate 

* Years Trekking: 12

* Hobbies: hiking, soccer, cooking and spending time with daughter

Milenka Pacco Collado


Milenka was born in Quillabamba, but she grew up in Cusco, and She has studied for management in the tourism industry. 


Since a very young age she was very connected to adventure and nature, after graduating she met Guido and together they shared many trekking adventures and later they had a daughter who was also part of their adventures, like doing the Inca Trail to Machupicchu as a family and many others. 


Now, Milenka is the heart and soul of the Cusco-based operations of Peru Trekking Co. She coordinates the office staff who organize trip logistics, book transport and hotels, and generally make sure that your trek goes off without a hitch.

Actually Milenka balanced her work with caring for her daughter. 


* Favorite Trek: Inca trail

* Years Trekking: 10 years

* Hobbies: hiking, biking and movies

Ghala Caetana

Next generation guide in training

Ghala was born in 2019 and has been hiking since she was a newborn! She really loves exploring mountainsides and new paths. 


Her dreams are to share work with her father for a fairly long trek, camping, carrying backpacks and reaching the mountains with snow. 


* Favorite Trek: 

* Years Trekking: 4 years and counting…

* Hobbies: going to the park, exploring, painting, driving scooter

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